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Technical Information

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NEVER Stand in Front of a Trap Machine. The Trap Machine Must be Turned OFF and the Spring Released BEFORE Entering the Trap House. NEVER Attempt to Make any Adjustment While the Throw Arm is Cocked.

Please Read All instructions before going into the trap house. If you have any questions please call Pat-Trap, Inc. 603-428-3396.



Suggested Upgrades for “SW” Series Machines: #4 Switch; Roller Plate System; Clutch System; Doubles Finger (Call for instructions. 603-428-3396)



Installing the Debris Deflector – Preventative measure for timing of the pinion.

2017 Parts List & Pricing

#2/#3 Switch Wiring Guide Pre Solid State

*** When replacing pump oil use 5W20 or 0W20 Motor Oil. ***


When installing the upgraded interrupter change out the 7 amp fuse with the included 3 amp fuse.


“G” Series and “SW” Series

Changing a Pair of Uni-Bands

Cold Weather Adjustment

General Maintenance 

Serial Number Identification and Dimensions

Target Brush Maintenance

Trap Machine Installation and Trap House Plans


“G” Series Machine

Timing of Pinion

G Manual Trouble Shooting

Wiring Guide For Field  Angle Limit Switches 11 & 12 for Machines G2418-G6305

Wobble Wiring Guide For 11A & 12A switches for Machines G2418-G6305

G Series Directions with the Elevated Roller Plate System to eliminate the #2 Spring 

Early G Series Directions to Convert from Surface Mounted Roller Plate System to Elevated Roller Plate System

Latching Relay Wiring Guides

Latching Relay Installation Wiring Guide


“SW” Series

SW Trouble Shooting

SW #4 Switch Instructions

SW Series Directions for Convert from the Surface Mounted Roller Plate System to the 2893 Elevated Roller Plate System


Skeet installation in skeet house

Skeet Weight and Dimensions

Skeet Pull Cord Wiring Diagram

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